Rode Services - Every Sunday, 10am

Meet at Wildhorse Harley-Davidson in the south parking lot (by the main entrance). Kickstands up at 10am. You don't need a motorcycle to attend.

Downed Biker Poker Run - June 4, 2022

This is RodeHouse's annual event to raise money for our Downed Biker Fund. This fund provides some expense money to bikers who end up in the hospital from a bike accident.

Protector's Peak Mission Trip - June 16-20, 2022

We will be heading to Northern Idaho to help out an organization that provides retreats for first responders. Contact Kinne for more information.

Other Events

Central Oregon H.O.G. Chapter meeting - Last Saturday of each month, 10am


Yes because Jesus is a lot like you and me.

The government didn't like him. The church thought he was strange. His friends were few and eventually turned their backs on him. Religious hypocrites persecuted him. He criticized them for not practicing what they preached. He did not hang out with the elite politicians. He was labeled an outcast and was unwanted and unloved by society. He was never invited to dinner by the rich and famous. He hung out with people like you and me. His followers were common, down to earth and broken people who seemed to be misunderstood by most folk.

Jesus also would be a biker who truly rode in Freedom.

All bikers want to be free. It is an awesome feeling to be on your bike, on the open road with the wind in your face experiencing freedom! But when you step off that bike, how do you carry on the feeling of the wind in your face? Do you still have real freedom and peace? Did you know that you can have true peace and freedom, whether you are on your bike or not? If you would like to know how to find freedom or if you just have questions, we want to invite you along for a ride so we can discover those answers together.